Liability in the gym

In some states, when someone is hurt at the gym, they are prevented from seeking justice. A New Jersey judge said, “Health clubs are entitled to broad limits on liability ‘because of the fact that when you engage in rigorous physical activity—like is encouraged in a health club [and] is the entire purpose of a health club—there are chances that you may injure any range of muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, what-have-you.’” But what if the injury is the gym’s fault?  Luckily, many states recognize that these liability waivers are detrimental to public policy.

Recently, for example, a Soul Cycle failed to provide instruction to a new student, in part perhaps because instructors are not compensated for the safety lessons (which has been subject to wage-and-hour lawsuits), and the student repeatedly dislocated their ankle due to the lack of safety instructions.

For more information on gym liability, check out the longer article in ThePopTort. 


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