News Roundup

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that we have been following a several investigative series this year, including one from the New York Times on forced arbitration and one from ProPublica on workers’ compensation. This week, both have added recent updates we would like to bring to your attention.

Beware the Fine Print:

Debt collectors are one of the many industries subscribing to the corporate strategy to block consumers from the courts, but in a hypocritical twist, they are reserving their rights to sue these same consumers. The arbitration clauses are often from the contracts with the original lender, not the collectors themselves. Read more…

Insult to Injury:

At glamorous conferences for the “cottage industry of middlemen” in workers’ compensation, you can find everything from circus performers to Joan Jett shows, but what you won’t find? Injured workers. “If I was an injured worker at home wondering how I would pay my bills, I would be sick to see this,” said an insurance company manager. Read more…

Both of these articles expose disgraceful practices that hurt consumers and workers while protecting the pockets of the few. It’s time to start putting people over profits.


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