Food Safety in the Courts

AAJ just released its report on food safety. Food Safety News wrote about the discoveries in the study, saying:

About 80 percent of foodborne illnesses are never connected to their cause. The AAJ report says this means “no consistent market repercussions for food companies … and no economic motivators to keep the promise of safe food.”

The authors of the study wrote, “[G]iant food companies are increasingly instituting industrialized farming strategies that render our food supply heavily susceptible to contamination… When food companies put profits before safety, and the regulatory system proves unable to force change, it has fallen to the civil justice system to protect consumers.”

Among the discoveries are startling statistics:

  • 48 million people fall sick from contaminated food each year
  • 128,000 are hospitalized
  • 3,000 die
  • Foodborne illnesses cost the US $77 billion per year
  • More than 65% of chicken breasts in a Consumer Reports investigation contained E. coli

AAJ suggests moves that Congress, the industry, and individuals can take to ensure safety in our foods. Read the whole report here.


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