WSAJ Members Volunteering for Wildfire Relief

As the wildfires in Washington spread, their communities have come together to provide relief in whatever ways they can, including WSAJ members.

Many WSAJ members have already volunteered to provide free legal advice to victims of the wildfire. A disaster can raise innumerable questions from “Do I still need to pay a mortgage when I no longer have a house?” to “How do I get a new copy of our legal documents that we lost?” For the list of volunteers to call, visit our website.

Others have taken a more hands-on approach. EAGLE member Alex Thomason in Brewster bought a firetruck and is out fighting fires. “So if you live in Okanogan and find yourself wondering how your home was saved from fire all around it, it might have just been luck, or it might have been this lawyer looking out for you,” wrote KHQ.

Need to know where the fires are? The Seattle Times posted an interactive map.

We’re proud to see communities coming together to fight this.


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