Medical Liens Update

Apologies for the week break – the entire staff of “Fighting for Justice” was attending the American Association for Justice national convention.

WSAJ worked closely with legislators and EAGLE member Darrell Cochran this session on passing SHB 1503, which protects consumers from fraudulent medical liens. The Washington News Service highlighted the new law this week. Cochran says that “You should be allowed to make the decision up front about whether you want to be subjected to a lien.”

WNS says:

The move is, in part, the result of investigations and a 2014 court settlement over MultiCare Health Systems’ aggressive debt collection practices. MultiCare has become known for filing medical liens against patients, and hospitals will now have to disclose they use that tactic.

…[Cochran] says most hospitals don’t file liens against patients – although MultiCare revealed in court they’ve been lucrative. He notes nothing prevents other hospitals from using them.

“That’s going to be the continuing mantra from the hospital systems,” he adds. “‘The more we can collect on these bills, the greater good that we can do for you.’ They’re not saying, ‘Hey, we’re going to get extraordinary bonuses and compensation for all of our hospital administrators as part of it.'”

WSAJ is thrilled that consumers are now better protected, thanks to the efforts of great champions for justice.


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