HUGE VICTORY: Landmark Hazardous Waste Settlement with Yakima Factory Farms

Many of WSAJ’s own members – Beth Terrell, Toby Marshall, Blythe Chandler, and Brad Moore – worked with Public Justice holding accountable industrial mega-dairies for contaminating groundwater. The dairies were storing millions of gallons of liquid manure in open air cesspools and dumping it onto fields, calling it “fertilizer.” The settlement outlines that the dairies will provide clean drinking water to potentially hundred of households with polluted water and literally “clean up” their act. Jessica Culpepper at Public Justice said the settlement “shows that, with the right systems in place, this industry can operate in a way that better protects public health and the environment in communities where they operate.”

In DailyKos, Culpepper wrote:

“The era of letting factory farms do whatever they want, no matter what it does to their animals, the environment, their neighbors, and consumers needs to end. Other factory farms and mega-dairies around the country should meet the same standards that the Yakima dairies will now have to meet. We intend to pursue a lot of them, and try to make sure that they do.”


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