drops forced arbitration!

Repost via Take Justice Back prides itself on “empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see,” and now it’s leading by example.

The popular online petition website has just dropped its forced arbitration clause from its terms and conditions.  This means that if a user has legal dispute with the company, will answer for itself in court rather than in a rigged forced arbitration system.

According to the message on its website:

We’ve made it easier to resolve issues. We removed our arbitration clause, which means we would work through the courts if you had a major disagreement with us.

With forced arbitration, consumers are kicked out of court and instead funneled into a rigged system decided by and arbitration company chosen by the corporation.  The arbitrator is not required to have any legal training or even follow the law when reaching a decision, but that decision is almost impossible to appeal.

Eliminating users’ access to justice contradicts’s mission, so we applaud them for this welcome policy update.  It is time for more companies to follow their lead and respect customers’ rights.


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