“Report” from ATRA is not to be taken seriously

As you may know, the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) releases its “Judicial Hellholes” report each year. The report has time and again been debunked and ridiculed, but it continues to use the same methodology (or lack thereof) that has been proven to be void of any logic.

As AAJ has found, the New York Times [12/24/2007] stated that the report has “no apparent methodology” and that “the question is whether the report’s arguments make sense . . . the report often falls short.” The methodology has not changed since that year’s edition. The West Virginia Law Review [Vol. 110 2008] said very bluntly, “[T]he point of the hellhole campaign is not to create an accurate snapshot of reality. The point of the hellhole campaign is to motivate legislators and judges to make law that will favor repeat corporate defendants and their insurers, and to spur voters to vote for those judges and legislators who will do so.”

The report has listed incorrect verdicts, mixed up states, named states “hellholes” with declining lawsuit numbers, and much more. Read AAJ’s full roundup of the ridiculous “report” here. 

As AAJ Director of Communications, Michelle Kimmel, said:

Yet again, ATRA is desperately attempting to mislead the public by repackaging stale and debunked anecdotes in an effort to chip away at Americans’ rights. To be clear, ATRA has one goal: eliminate legal accountability for its corporate funders when they harm and kill Americans. Don’t be duped.


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