Fighting back against illegal farm waste

As the State of Washington gears up to update its laws on feed lots, we wanted to highlight action taken by Public Justice in North Carolina against an industrial swine feeding operation for refusing to stop illegal discharges of swine waste into groundwater, wetlands and streams that flow to the Contentnea Creek and Neuse River watersheds.


From Public Justice – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves:Swine waste contains pathogens, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other pollutants that can cause fish kills, endanger swimmers, promote blooms of toxic algae, and contaminate drinking water when discharged into public waters.

It is long past time to hold the corporations truly responsible for the costs of this unsustainable hog production on the animals, environment, and local community.  When this facility dumps its manure onto the ground, causing it to discharge into the tributaries, they are violating the Clean Water Act and pushing the costs of pollution control onto the environment and the community.

We intend to keep pushing back.

In the Pacific Northwest, these feedlots are not only impacting our water quality, they are increasing the rate of acidification of Puget Sound. This threatens our seafood and shellfish industry and greatly diminishes our environment and our quality of life – not to mention the jobs these industries provide.

We are grateful for having effective watchdogs like Public Justice fighting against powerful corporate interests on behalf of the public good.


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