The epidemic of wage theft

There have been a  flood of recent stories about the epidemic of wage theft that is costing workers hundreds of millions of dollars a year. A shocking number of workers are wrongfully denied the wages they are owed for the work they perform. Unscrupulous employers pay less than to what was agreed, force workers to perform duties off the clock, misclassify worker employment status, retaliate against workers who report wage theft, cheat state and local governments out of required taxes and insurance contributions, and sometimes, withhold pay all together.

We believe taking effective steps to combat wage theft, misclassification, and retaliation is simply the right thing to do. It will also put millions of dollars back into our economy, improve the fiscal health of our local communities, and put proper wages into the pockets of the working families who earned them. Stay tuned for our legislative efforts in Olympia next year to level the playing field once and for all.



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