Nursing Home Neglect

When our loved ones are in a nursing home, we expect nothing but the highest quality care available. Unfortunately, that isn’t always what we receive, whether due to a lack of resources and staff or to negligence. Nursing home neglect affects thousands of residents each year.

What are the statistics on nursing home neglect?

The Nursing Homes Abuse Blog cites these statistics:

Nationally, a University of California-San Francisco research study reported that over 44 percent of all nursing homes failed to maintain an atmosphere safe from accidents for residents. This may have involved failing to supervise residents walking in hallways or failing to clean up spilled liquids on floors. Over 33 percent of all nursing homes failed to deliver an adequate quality of care to residents in 2008. About 11 percent of nursing homes had staff that physically abused residents in some fashion, and 17 percent of nursing homes hired unemployable individuals to serve on nursing home staff.

(Emphasis our own.)

Via HealthAffairs.Org

Via HealthAffairs.Org

According to Nursing Home Report Cards, for the second consecutive year, nearly 90% of all nursing homes were cited for violations of federal or state laws and 20 percent of nursing homes abused, neglected, or mistreated residents in almost half of all states for the second consecutive year.

We deserve better care and treatment. WSAJ members fight to protect our families.


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