From the archives

In this photo from the WSAJ archives, you’ll notice one person stands out – the only woman in the photo. Faith Enyeart was Recording Secretary at the time for WSTLA (now WSAJ.) The board now looks very different – in number of officers and in diversity. Among the first women on the board, along with Past President Susan R. Davis, Enyeart was a pioneer in the legal profession.

faith Enyeart

You may not recognize her by that name, however. She is now known as Justice Faith Ireland (retired.)

Justice Ireland was raised in Burien and attended the University of Washington for undergrad. She later earned her JD from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, as one of only two women in her graduating class.

She entered the legal practice at McCune, Godfrey and Emerick, and after three years left to start her own practice in Pioneer Square. While running her own practice, she earned her Master of Science in Taxation, served on the WSTLA board, and became a founding member of the Washington Women Lawyers.

After just 9 years, she was appointed to the King County Superior Court. She concurrently served: as dean of the Washington Judicial College, on the board of trustees for the state superior court, on the Board for Court Education, and as vice chairperson for the Board for Judicial Administration. She also changed her last name to Ireland, her mother’s maiden name. In 1998, she was elected to the State Supreme Court and in 2002, became part of the only state Supreme Court at the time to have a female majority. She later retired from the court, earned a certificate in mediation, and became a private mediator.


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