National Voter Registration Day

It’s National Voter Registration Day! If you haven’t already updated your voter registration (if you’ve moved, changed your name, etc.), then you can do so at

You can also help AAJ to secure election protection! The Voter Protection Action Committee sign-up is available online. This is especially important for non-Washingtonians who can help at polling stations nationally. (We are quite lucky in our state to have mail-in-only voting.)


The Washington state Secretary of State’s website gives us a great look at the voter registration and participation statistics:

Who votes in Washington?

As of August 31, 2014, Washington has 3,885,739 active registered voters.

Approximately 76% of the state’s voting eligible population is registered to vote, according to a comparison of our latest Voter Registration Database (VRDB) data and the 2010 census data.

 Does voter registration data change?

Voter registration data is a “snapshot” in time.  Registrations change status on a daily basis as voters move, change their name, become registered, die, or become ineligible to vote due to mental incompetence or a felony conviction.  Voter registration data is fluid, not static.

Why is voter registration data fluid?

Washington has a very mobile population.  For example, each year:

  • Approximately 15% of the population moves;
  • Approximately 96,000 people turn age 18;
  • Approximately 46,000 – 49,000 people die; and
  • Approximately 42,000 people change their name.

Where can I learn more about the eligibility requirements and how to register to vote?

The Secretary of State’s Office posts information on its website on what is required to be eligible to vote, how to register to vote, the deadlines for registering, and other information at

via Daily Infographic

via Daily Infographic


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