GM Update: The Key to Safety

Don’t miss the full-page ad in The New York Times and Washington Post that General Motors entitled “The Key to Safety,” telling customers they can safely drive defective cars by removing all items from their key chain. But perhaps GM’s focus should be on taking actual safety measures for drivers, not damage control.

We are appalled that GM continues to push away the problem that its vehicles are unsafe, and suggest trivial solutions, like recommending that drivers take items off their key chain. We remain disgusted that during the auto industry bailout, GM lobbied hard for immunity while hiding from the public and the regulators what they already knew about these life-threatening hazards. We are also distressed that “the new GM” has not ruled out the use of the bankruptcy courts to try to dodge their responsibility to those families who lost their loved ones because of these known and terribly dangerous conditions. We like what Senators Blumenthal and Markey had to say in response.

At least 29 million cars have been recalled in 2014 alone – 29 million. GM should take affected cars off the road now. That’s the real key to safety.


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