Exposed: The story behind how corporations became people you can’t sue

tied contract

Don’t miss this excellent and very sobering article in Washington Monthly that highlights the injustice of forced binding arbitration, and bans on class actions. After two recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings that completely eliminated the courts as a means for citizens to uphold their rights against companies, the article highlights the sobering consequences for our civil justice system, and the destruction of accountability for corporations and consumer protections:

The result is a world where corporations can evade accountability and effectively skirt swaths of law, pushing their growing power over their consumers and employees past a tipping point.

The article also raises issues on how we are not only immunizing corporations, but by keeping them out of court system and discovery, we are allowing them to hide their illegal actions, and even incentivizing illegal behavior. In fact, we are making it legal to steal small amounts of money, thousands or even millions of times, by barring class action remedies.

But here’s the multi-billion dollar question: can a movement be started to force Congress to fix the law? For the sake of justice, we can’t afford not to challenge this gross abuse at the hands of America’s most powerful corporations.


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